BLUED - book


BLUED is an illustrated documentation of the use of Taad-Patri, as we call it
colloquially in India. The blues of a tarpaulin is a common sight in urban metros.
Blue Tarp is comparatively inexpensive and typically used as a creative jugaad
solution due to the strength and convenience of the material. It is commonly

seen at the street-side makeshift shops as a base to display their wares and
keep them safe from the dirt on the roads. It is also used for waterproofing
and wind-proofing and thus can be seen covering the houses of the poor and
the rich. During monsoon, the city often seems like a sea of cobalt blue due
to the excessive use of Tarps. Additionally, it makes for excellent sun-proofing,
dust-proofing, pigeon-shit proofing, packaging, and temporary refugee camps.

- Sameer Kulavoor

BLUED book contains 24 illustrations beautifully screenprinted
in 2-colours (black + blue)
46cms X 32cms open size.
26 pages excluding Jacket + one Centre Foldout (64cms X 32cms)

ISBN 978-93-5174-197-8
Limited Edition of 250 copies, signed and numbered by the artist.
Available online on this link: